Discover Vikie's Secrets to Thriving

Vikie Shanks is one of 50 extraordinary people from around the world I've interviewed to learn the secrets of THRIVING through adversity.  

If you want to be calmer, happier and more fulfulled every day, sign up for the Thriver Interview Series and watch this amazing video now.  

Vikie will share: 

  • How she got her 7 children, each with special needs, through the trauma of their father͛s death
  • How to thrive when failure is not an option  
  • Why goals should focus on HOW you want to live your life, rather than on WHAT you want to achieve.  

I look forward to thriving with you.  

Emma Bell is the founder of The Global Resilience Project. Her team has discovered the 9 Secrets to Thriving by interviewing 50 extraordinary thrivers from around the world.

These 50 Thrivers haven't just survived - but flourished in the face of terrible adversity like terrorist attacks, loss of a child, amputations and other shocking tragedies.  

In the Thriver Interview Series we share the 9 Secrets to Thriving we've learned from all 50 Thrivers.


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